Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Most 90's Cover Ever Contest

When I heard that the new Wolverine movie would feature cameos by Sabretooth, Gambit, Deadpool, Maverick, Col. Stryker, Wraith and Silver Fox, I felt a certain nostalgia for horrible 90s Marvel comics and their cluttered, line-filled, exaggeratedly-proportioned covers. So, I headed over to my longboxes, with the intention of pulling out a few Wolverine-filled issues of Fantastic Four, Thor, and Conan, only to find that I didn't have any. I had forgotten I gave them away years ago.

That was a relief. No one should have to relive those horrible days.

Well, unless there's a contest going on that is...

Chris Sims, at the-isb and Phil at Poptown! have come up with a contest to find the most 90's cover ever. This of course had the potential to be ridiculously fun, or well, it did until Kevin Church kicked everyone elses butts with his entry. Yeah, he won.

But what the hell. Here's my entry:

I figured it I can't beat Kevin, I'd cheat. This is an issue that hasn't even come out yet. In fact, it's not due till September of this year.


King Size Cable Spectacular #1.

Why is this cover from 2008 so 90's?

First off, it has Cable and Bishop on it.

-Improbably large muscles.
-Bionic Arms.
-Obscured Feet.
-Shitty Perspective.
-Gun that's larger than half of Cable's head.
-But not Bishop's hand.
-Cable's facial expression makes him look constipated.
-Rubble and Destruction are everywhere!
-Shoulder pad!
-Cable's face has more lines than a Woodstock '98 concession stand

Damn. Maybe it's a retro cover or something? Like how Liefield is doing the variants for the current Youngblood series? Maybe?

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