Sunday, April 30, 2006

Girl, You have no faith in Jack White

A lot of people are saying Jack White sold out because of his new Coca-Cola Advertisement:

It's not selling out because White didn't compromise anything. The song in the commercial is one of the best Jack White songs I've ever heard. Granted, there's no Meg, and it isn't the "classic White Stripes sound", but it's still amazing. White should use horns more often.
I know that I panned the latest White Stripes album (Get Behind Me Satan) because of it's excursion from the normal sound of the Stripes. But that wasn't because of the fact that they tried something different, but more because they didn't do it well. Most of the songs from Get Behind Me Satan were carelessly written, and could have sounded better if White spent a little more time on them. The song from this Coke ad (note: I don't know it's source says "What Goes Around Comes Around" another "Love is the Truth") would fit perfectly on GBMS, and has a quality of writing that compares with their older stuff. In other words, if most of the songs on GBMS were of the quality and caliber of this coke ad song, then I would not have said anything bad about the album.

For my full review of Get Behind Me Satan from the Hofstra Chronicle click here

The commercial itself is amazing as well. It looks like it was directed by Michel Gondry, but it isn''s actually Nagi Noda, whom I can't find any other credits for. It doesn’t matter....the video looks like it could be a White Stripes video. Exactly their style.

It should be said further that along time ago White said that he wanted to do a commercial for Coke. He said it's the thing he loves most in the world. He even based the colors of the White Stripes "uniform" off of the famous Coke design. So it isn't as some claim... Coke offered White a lot of money to sell, he asked them to do it. He wanted to.

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