Saturday, May 3, 2008

B-I-N-G-O and Fanboy were their names-Oh

I did find time in my busy schedule to attend New York Comic Con last month. in lieu of a detailed review of the event like I gave last year, I wanted to post something I found on someone else's website:

Greg Hatcher in his awesome column on the Comics Should Be Good blog posted a game called Comic Con Bingo (which he says was created by Young American Comics). I figured it'd be a fun little thing to play to see if I really did encounter all of these stereotypes.

I'll analysis it later.


Well let's see:

Top Row: I can honestly say I didn't see anybody wearing socks and sandals, mostly because I wasn't really looking at anyone's feet. So no-go there.
Furries? Really? Come to think of it, thinking of furries in the cleanest way possible, yes I did see some furries.
Superhero tattoo? Yeah, I remember that, I think. Probably.
Fat Jedi? Absolutely. In fact, the place was filled with Fat Jedis and fat Stormtroopers. Oh comic con, you make me laugh.
"Hopeful with Portfolio" --like every three seconds in Artist Alley. You couldn't move in the place without bumping into one.

Second Row: Bald Guy With pony Tail--Does Peter David count? Heeey-Hooo!
B-List Celebrity not at table-I didn't see any, but I heard that many were there. Ranging from Bill Hader to...Bill Hader. Oh wait, does Stan Lee count? I saw him while on line. He wasn't at a table.
Long Black Trench Coat, Girl in comic shirt and Stripey Tights, yes to all three.

Third Row: Yes to this whole row, with no added commentary!

Fourth Row: "Over-Flowing Comic box/bag". I saw some guy with a luggage carrier.
Got T-shirt and Goth Pony-tails-- Does Peter David count?
Full Body Costume--Um...this should have been the free space. Have the makers of this never gone to a comic con before?
GF taller than BF--I mean, I wouldn't really know if they were dating unless I asked them, but sure I'm pretty sure I saw this.

Fifth Row: Wings--Both people wearing wings, and a poster for the first Oscar winner.
"Someone painted blue"--hmm. This year, I don't recall any blue people. In my head, I'm going through every possible blue character that could be a candidate for someone to dress up as at a con. Nightcrawler, Beast, Mystique, Blue Man group, Smurfs, Guardians of the Universe, post-incident Violet Beauregarde...I don't remember seeing any of them.
White-Boy Afro--No.
Porn Star--Does Peter David count?

yes, there was a porn star there, just like last year, and she had a booth. Again.

Well, I would have won on the second column. Yay.

Are we that predictable?

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