Friday, November 24, 2006

How to display a certain ineptitude while analyzing lyrics

I just realized that the Elton John song title "Jamaica Jerk-Off" is a pun. It's quite obvious in the chorus:

When she gets up in the morning
Its enough to wake the dead
Oh she turning on the radio
And dancing on my head

Its no good living in the sun
Playing guitar all day
Boogalooing with my friends
In that erotic way

Come on jamaica
In jamaica all day
Dancing with your darling
Do jamaica jerk-off that way

Come on jamaica
Everybody say
Were all happy in jamaica
Do jamaica jerk-off that way

Let the ladies and the gentlemen
Be as rude as they like
On the beaches, oh in the jungle
Where the people feel alright

So do it jamaica
Got plenty for you and me
Honky tonking with my baby
In that deep blue sea

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