Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yes We Chan!

I'd like to take some time out to talk about my alma mater.

Hofstra University hosted the 3rd and final presidential debate this evening. We were all very proud.

While the candidates were embarrassing themselves within the David S. Mack Arena, Hofstra itself was being embarrassed on live my friends.

You see, I was a part of a certain society at Hofstra, I don't know if I need to mention it's name...ok, it was called NONSENSE HUMOR MAGAZINE. We are in fact Hofstra's Only Intentional Humor Magazine.


Current members and Alumni alike (i.e. me) infiltrated the debate coverage tonight, creating fake posters and signs, and trying to get on MSNBC. Finally, after the debate, that goal was achieved.

If you look right behind Andrea Mitchell, you'll notice a few odd campaign signs in the background. They look like they could be Barack Obama signs...but not see, these signs were promoting a little known campaign. They were promoting the Presidential run of Jackie Chan.


In that screen shot you can clearly see two members holding up signs proclaiming a "Chan We Need" and "Chan"


There we have yet another "Chan" sign as well as one of our "I'm Apathetic" posters.


Finally in this one you see current editor Brendan Smyth showing his support for Bob Barr with his hand made sign.

During the commercial break the Obama campaign called and demanded that Nonsense take down the signs. Pussies.

We shall not be silenced! The campaign of Jackie Chan will go on! Let Jackie debate! Let Jackie debate!

It's not like he's the only candidate that wasn't born in this country.

So, this little Improve Everywhere-like idea was cut short by a candidate who couldn't take a joke...Nonsense still came out on top.

Chris Matthews took an issue of Nonsense and enjoyed it. He also signed a copy for an alumna.

Matthews's aid then asked what another sign one of our members was holding up meant. The sign in question said "I Scissored Sarah Palin". An explanation was given, and hilarity ensued.

There will of course be people who will complain about this act of comedy. Nothing unusual about that. When I was the Managing Editor of this magazine, someone complained every week. In it's 25 years of existence not a year went by without a controversy.

If we're not offending people we're not doing our jobs. Comedy is meant to upset the status quo. It's meant to challenge authority.

I love free speech.

I love Nonsense Humor Magazine.

And I'll love Hofstra University if they understand that.


  1. I love you guys. This was great.

  2. Well done. Watching at home the apathetic sign was nothing short of comedic genius.

  3. I just found out we were on channel 7 news. At least 3 bloggers have these pictures up. Chuckle dumper's got us up there. Someone on Flickrs got this. This is awesome.

  4. i'm holding that chan we need sign!
    haha we are awesome. i think we made quite the impact.

  5. i'm apathetic to this entire post.

  6. Billy - do you perhaps have a link to the news report?

    Oh, and I am proud to be holding the one Chan sign. Eternal fame and glory, here I come.

  7. which one? the MSNBC one is embedded in the blog.

    The channel 7 one I don't have, nor have I actually seen. Everyone keeps telling me about it though. Most of the stuff comes up when you google "Chan We Need".

    I found this though:

  8. I'm pretty sure comedy is just meant to make people laugh, and that upsetting the status quo is ancillary and dependent on the object of the humor, but this made me laugh, so objective completed

  9. ABC Interview:

    More to come

  10. the channel 7 thing wasn't the right story. It was something on the economy.

  11. Excellent post. I was trying to figure out the signs while watching the report.

    I do wish that more paries were represented in the main stream reports and the debates.

  12. We need to follow up with this and keep up the momentum. Ideas anyone?

  13. I knew it was you guys when I saw these signs in the background.
    Loved the apathetic sign.
    Great job!

    Tim Hill